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The City of Ivanhoe

For information about the City of Ivanhoe, and to view ordinances, permit requirement, street maps, etc. visit the City of Ivanhoe’s official website at www.cityofivanhoetx.com 

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Message from IPOIA Board - May 2018

We have already begun to experience more activity at our parks and on our lakes.  Last month we installed two more covered picnic areas at the community center swim area and have installed trash receptacles.  We will no longer be ordering the big dumpster for summer because we found that it was being used for personal trash dumping instead of just for those using the park and swim area.  A unisex portable potty has been once again placed at the community center for those using the park.  For your safety and the security of property owned by the IPOIA membership there are also security cameras that surround the entire complex.  The Board reminds all members and guests that the parks CLOSE AT DARK.  We also have a NO Alcohol policy in our parks and on the lakes. 

Ivanhoe Dam

We have also begun the work at Ivanhoe Dam which was discussed at our last monthly meeting.  Please stay away from the area while the work is being done for your safety and the safety of the workers. 

FYI – YES, we have issued new launch keys for 2018.  It has been four years since new keys were issued and due to security issues it was time to insure that only members and those currently owning property in Ivanhoe had a key.  We do sell permits and keys to those in Original Ivanhoe even though they are not members of the association.  All we ask is that they also pay the $6 per lot fee as well as the cost of the permits and key.  Renters also may purchase permits and a key as long as they provide a current rental agreement and the owner of the property is current on their maintenance fees.

Memorial Weekend (May 25th – 28th)

We will have onsite security at our parks and will be reminding folks to purchase their permits for their vehicles & watercraft.  Office hours will be announced for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  We are in the process of installing a fishing pier at the community center complex.  Please do not fish in the designated swim area.  Three new canopy covers and picnic tables have been installed for members and their invited guests.

Ivanhoe Volunteer Fire Dept. & Women’s Civic Club

Saturday Fish Fry and Bake Sale on May 26th. 11 a.m. at the community center.  Please make plans to support our Fire Dept. and funds raised by the civic club go to fund scholarships for Ivanhoe graduates, donations to Caring is Sharing and other local charities.

IPOIA Office Hours – Office hours have been changed to 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays only!  The office is staffed by volunteers and board members.  We are in the process of providing a secure drop box so that your payments and requests for permits can be dropped off and we will then mail your permits back to you if you are unable to come by on Saturday.  Parks and lakes are for use by members and their invited guests who display the current permit on their vehicle or watercraft.  All questions about permits should be sent to our email address:  landoflakes880@gmail.com which is monitored daily or you can call 409-283-3653 and leave a message.  Returning you call will depend on when we are next in the office.  For ongoing activities in Ivanhoe, at the top of this page you will see a “Newsletter”.  Click it and the current newsletter will appear with lots of good stuff.  Thanks to Patsy Morris for doing a great job on the monthly newsletter.



Permission granted to fish by payment of maintenance fees and purchase of yearly IPOIA permit ONLY! ALL OTHERS ARE TRESPASSING

Texas Parks and Wildlife Code – Title 5. Subtitle B. Chapter 66. Subchapter A.

Sec. 66.002. – CONSENT TO TAKE FISH FROM PRIVATE WATER. (a) No person may catch, take, or attempt to catch or take any aquatic animal life by any means or method from any privately owned waters without the consent of the landowner or the landowner’s agent.

Our lakes have become very popular to those who do not own property within Ivanhoe.  The Board takes protecting the parks and lakes for use by members and their invited guests very seriously.  Trespassing charges will be brought against those who don’t belong in our parks and lakes.  As we have stopped those without permits this year, so many of them say, “My grandparents, uncle, parents, own property out here.”  If that is the case please purchase a permit or obtain a guest pass for them. 

If you have information you would like to share, send it to landoflakes880@gmail.com

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