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The content of this website is managed by the Ivanhoe Property Owners Improvement Association (IPOIA) as a free service to the citizens of the City of Ivanhoe. 

The City of Ivanhoe

For information about the City of Ivanhoe, and to view ordinances, permit requirement, street maps, etc. visit the City of Ivanhoe’s official website at www.cityofivanhoetx.com 

If you have an event you would like to publicize, please contact landoflakes880@gmail.com

Office Hours–  Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

409-356-5634  or email us at  landoflakes880@gmail.com.  

The grates are back on Charmaine lake, thank you to the city and the hard working public works team. Our understanding is this is just for this year, the city is suppose to get with their engineer to devise as better system so if during floods or hurricanes they can be easily gotten out of the way, to protect our dam. 

Speaking of the city, they stated during Thursday night meeting they are going to be using the TCEQ out of Beaumont for septic systems for new installs as well as for violations. Septic systems fall under state regulations, not the city.  guidance poles have been installed for road markers for the flooding at Ivanhoe drive so you can see the road. It remains being worked upon by the Mayor to get funds to fix the issue.

 A reminder regarding the treatment of our lakes. It is a work in progress to keep them healthy and useable for all of Ivanhoe. Whether its treating invasive grasses, stocking fish, as well as grass eating carp. Most who fish do catch and release. those that do not release please go by the guidelines of tx parks and wildlife. 

There are rules for our parks and lakes. If you are not aware of them please come to our office for a copy. The speed limit for Charmaine IS 35mph. Recently a few bass boats and jet skis have been noted going faster than that. You may not see someone swimming, or kayaking or using the lake at faster speeds. Please be considerate.  Galahad and Tristan are no wake lakes...5 mph.

   We are still looking for an individual to do the monthly news letter. Please let us know.

Unlimited High Speed Internet is available in Ivanhoe from Rarity Communications. For more information, visit www.IvanhoeInternet.org or call 832-234-0400, press option 7.

IPOIA Office Hours – Please note holiday office hours above.


We are in the process of providing a secure drop box so that your payments and requests for permits can be dropped off and we will then mail your permits back to you if you are unable to come by on Saturday.  Parks and lakes are for use by members and their invited guests who display the current permit on their vehicle or watercraft. 

All questions about permits should be sent to our email address landoflakes880@gmail.com which is monitored daily or you can call 409-283-3653 and leave a message.  Returning you call will depend on when we are next in the office.  For ongoing activities in Ivanhoe, at the top of this page you will see a “Newsletter”.  Click it and the current newsletter will appear with lots of good stuff.  Thanks to Patsy Morris for doing a great job on the monthly newsletter.


Permission granted to fish by payment of maintenance fees and purchase of yearly IPOIA permit ONLY! ALL OTHERS ARE TRESPASSING

Texas Parks and Wildlife Code – Title 5. Subtitle B. Chapter 66. Subchapter A.

Sec. 66.002. – CONSENT TO TAKE FISH FROM PRIVATE WATER. (a) No person may catch, take, or attempt to catch or take any aquatic animal life by any means or method from any privately owned waters without the consent of the landowner or the landowner’s agent.

Our lakes have become very popular to those who do not own property within Ivanhoe.  The Board takes protecting the parks and lakes for use by members and their invited guests very seriously.  Trespassing charges will be brought against those who don’t belong in our parks and lakes.  As we have stopped those without permits this year, so many of them say, “My grandparents, uncle, parents, own property out here.”  If that is the case please purchase a permit or obtain a guest pass for them. 

If you have information you would like to share, send it to landoflakes880@gmail.com

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