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Message from the President

  Photo by Bryan Morvant

Thursday morning, August 31, 2017

The rains have stopped.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of our little community.  A big thanks go out to our Ivanhoe Volunteer Fire Department and City Marshall Terry Riley.  Thanks go to CD our City Secretary and all those that manned City Hall during this unprecedented rain event from Harvey.  My husband and I got out each day and when possible were able to cross the Charmaine Dam and monitor areas of concern for the IPOIA.  It will take time to get things back to normal but it will.  By now you have probably heard that the IVFD Fish Fry and Civic Club Bake Sale have been cancelled for this Labor Day weekend.  We are also closing the swim area by the IPOIA/City Complex until we can assess the damages to the pier and check bulkheads.  Please pray for all the folks in our great state of Texas that have been affected by Harvey.  Keep all the responders in your prayers as well.  God Bless,  Karen Sikora

Please check the city website for up to date info.  www.cityofivanhoe.com


Permission granted to fish by payment of maintenance fees and purchase of yearly IPOIA permit ONLY! ALL OTHERS ARE TRESPASSING

Texas Parks and Wildlife Code – Title 5. Subtitle B. Chapter 66. Subchapter A.

Sec. 66.002. – CONSENT TO TAKE FISH FROM PRIVATE WATER. (a) No person may catch, take, or attempt to catch or take any aquatic animal life by any means or method from any privately owned waters without the consent of the landowner or the landowner’s agent.

Our lakes have become very popular to those who do not own property within Ivanhoe.  The Board takes protecting the parks and lakes for use by members and their invited guests very seriously.  Trespassing charges will be brought against those who don’t belong in our parks and lakes.  As we have stopped those without permits this year, so many of them say, “My grandparents, uncle, parents, own property out here.”  If that is the case please purchase a permit or obtain a guest pass for them. 

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